How Much Will My Repairs Cost?

Take this quiz to see how much repairs will cost you! 

Find Your Home Value

When people google “What is the Value of my Home”, they are often overwhelmed by the results. There are thousands of sites that promise to give the best results, so how do you know which ones are legitimate. We’ve taken the work out of shifting through all the results by compiling the best of the best below. Check them out!


  • Z-estimate. You have to be careful with this one because Zillow does not know what
    comparable to that home so you need to see what kind of properties that are pulling that have
    sold that make up the z-estimate. Also make sure the facts on your home are accurate as Zillow
    uses this to create the z-estimate.
  • Property appraiser and the assessed value.
  • Eppraisal and RealQuest will give you estimates on how much your home may be worth.

                              Did You Know?

– The easiest way to add curb appeal is to weed the beds, add fresh mulch a few fresh plants, and
paint the door to make it pop.

– De-cluttering and staging a home with nice furniture can increase the purchase price of the offer
you will receive.

– Fixing little repairs goes a long way (i.e. broken doors, cracked switch plates, stains and
scratches on wall).

– If you’re going to put money into the home, the best bang for your buck is the kitchen, the master
bathroom and the front of your house.

– Pools can add around 10k-20k to the value of your home and garages will add 5k-15k.

– Homes that are in better school districts sell for more and are more desirable.

– Factors that can decrease the value of a home aside from repairs are living on a busy road, flag
lot or shared driveway, funky layouts and homes next to train tracks and water treatment

How Much Will My Repairs Cost?

Take this quiz to see how much repairs will cost you!