Sell Your Home On Your Schedule And Save Money

- No buyers parading through your home.

- No commssions or hidden fees.

- Close in as little as 10 days, or whenever you’re ready.

- No repairs, or even cleaning needed.

I run a small local business, not a big national conglomerate of loose affiliates. I invest around the country, but focus my business in Central Florida. I’m personally involved in each transaction and I look forward to getting to know you.

I Close Fast — In as little as as 10 days, or whenever you are ready to close.

One of the greatest values I can bring you is the ability to close very quickly. How? Because I pay CASH for houses. After years of working as a real estate investor, I have developed solid relationships with key entities that can help move the selling process along quickly.  

Or I Close When You Need To

Not everyone needs to sell fast.  In some cases a home seller needs flexibility and a little time. For example, one of my sellers needed time for his granddaughter to move out.  She had been living in their home during her college years and I was able to tailor my offer and our deal to meet the schedule for his granddaughter.

 I Buy Unwanted Houses

Some houses are in physical distress and/or downright ugly, and need to be sold as is. Some houses are in financial distress with mortgages, tax liens and/or other encumbrances. Some houses have bad tenants or are missing tenants altogether. Some houses have actually lost their owners. And some owners need a better, faster solution than the market is giving them. These situations require unique solutions that go beyond traditional and simple real estate buy and sell transactions.

About Kari

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Hi, I’m Kari.  Through my company I buy, rehabilitate, manage, market and sell houses and properties. Most importantly I am in the business of solving your real estate challenges and creating flexible and fair deals where everyone wins. Some might call me a house flipper. But I see my role as more than just flipping houses. I create solutions that help homeowners achieve their goals of selling their house- no matter what their situation might be.

What Makes Me Different


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